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Name:Anastasia Hudson
Birthdate:Jun 10
((Original character. Mun and muse defaults as over 18 though is sometimes played as being younger))

Younger version of Anastasia Hudson.

Anastasia is the child of single father Theodore Hudson, professor in both archaeology and history and with a rather successful career as a writer of historical fiction.

At the late age of fifty-nine, Theo met and fell in love with Saskia, who was only nineteen herself and come to England from Sweden to spend a few years studying abroad. They were together for almost a year, fully intending to share a life together and face any and all prejudices related to the large age difference between them.

And then Saskia got pregnant.

Becoming a mother was just not something she was ready for, and not long after giving birth, she left both Theo and their child to go back to Sweden. They haven't heard from her yet.
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